Labor Force

World-class labor force

The 12-county Piedmont Triad labor force has grown steadily over the years. In 2012, over 820,000 workers comprised the area’s labor pool. New or expanding businesses have little trouble meeting their staffing needs due to the availability of experienced managers, computer professionals, administrative, machine operators, assemblers, mechanics and general laborers. Each year approximately 2,500 high school graduates enter the work force; while an estimated 2,000 others seek work for the first time. Over half of Winston-Salem’s adult population has attended college.


North Carolina is a right-to-work state, and management/labor relations are very good. The Triad has approximately 2% union participation, resulting in very little lost time due to union-related work stoppages.


North Carolina is dedicated to providing the finest technical and vocational programs in the country. Employers in North Carolina are fortunate to be able to tap into the resources of one of the largest and strongest state-supported community college systems in the nation. Customized packages are developed through the state’s industrial training program in conjunction with the employer and Forsyth Technical Community College. The programs are generally offered at little or no cost to the employer.

Unemployment Tax Rate

A general business employer with at least one worker in 20 different calendar weeks during a calendar year, or with a payroll of at least $1,500 in any calendar quarter, is liable for unemployment tax. The 2012 taxable wage base is $24,400, with a standard beginning tax rate of 1.2%.

Wage Rates – Piedmont Triad Region

2011 Daily Commuting Patterns (Forsyth Co.)
Out Commuters from Forsyth County 56,737
Percent Change from 2000 17.5%
In Commuters to Forsyth County 89,815
Percent change from 2000 11.1%
Forsyth County residents living and working in Forsyth County 99,602
Mean Commute Time 20 minutes

Source: US Bureau of Economic Analysis Prepared by Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation


Forsyth County Work Force Demographics
Median age of population (2010) 38.5
% High school graduates, person 25 and over 82%
% With bachelor’s degree or higher 29%
% High school graduates continuing education (avg.) 75%

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