Welcome to Winston-Salem. Stay awhile.

Living in Winston-Salem, Forsyth County is about living in an ideal location and living at an ideal pace for working, playing, innovating, and growing. More than being good for business, life here is good for individuals and families, scientists and artists, employees and entrepreneurs.

As the “City of Arts and Innovation”, Winston-Salem has a rich heritage of nurturing artistic expression, reflecting an openness to creativity that keeps the area thriving and highly relevant. This culture of creativity translates into an environment ripe for innovative thinking.

With an ample, skilled workforce and collaborative spirit, the area has successfully transitioned from a manufacturing focus to a center for advances in healthcare, life sciences, financial services, technology research and development, and other expanding sectors of the economy.

The combination of quality of life, opportunities for personal and professional growth, proximity to mountains and beaches, as well as easy access to major cities around the region, makes Winston-Salem an appealing destination for talented professionals and workers who are looking for a good life.